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Uses and Applications For the Federal Government

The Numobag® has numerous uses for government agencies involved in health care and emergency response.

• Chemical, electrical and heat burns

• Biological-warfare related lesions

• Lesions from smallpox, anthrax and other diseases

• Large numbers of infected people

• Infectious skin lesions


Numobag® may be used to:

• Contain biological, chemical and nuclear attacks

• Treat single or mass casualties

• Create an instant, disposable isolation unit

• Stop advancement of insidious forms of biological attack: dermal anthrax, smallpox, necrotizing fasciitis, etc.

• Heal large skin lesions


THOT® heals more often, faster and with less scarring than traditional treatment of skin wounds. It was used to treat 9/11 World Trade Center burn victims with favorable results. The U.S. military is currently using Numobag® in Iraq.


Clinical case studies:


                                         Diabetic neuropathic foot ulcer                                                        Electrical current wound


















Advantages Over Traditional Treatment

Numobag® has many clinical, financial and patient-care advantages:


• Small and portable (weighs 1.7 pounds)

• Reduced staff workload

• Multiple patients treated simultaneously

• Decreased cost of overall treatment

• No cross-contamination

• Increases rate of healing

• Improved patient morale due to faster healing

• Heals advanced-stage pressure ulcers in record time

• Stimulates new blood vessel growth

• Lower cost per treatment than any other wound treatment method

• Validated to heal large skin lesions rapidly – 25 clinical studies in past 15 years support effectiveness

• Inexpensive and disposable isolation ward

• Front-line tool for reducing cross-contamination and infection of medical personnel

• Necessary for mass casualty treatment in critical initial wounds-care emergency

• Multiplies first responders’ efforts to reduce immediate overload

• Able to be stockpiled for years without maintenance or constant surveillance


Cost Savings

During an effectiveness study, Numobag® was found to be not only more effective than traditional treatments, but also notably more cost effective.

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