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The Numobag® is based on the efficacy of a technique, Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (THOT®) to selectively stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, and promote rapid healing of wounds by adequately supplying oxygen in the wound healing process.  This technology selectively induces the growth of new blood vessels without scar tissue formation and  maybe used to heal a wide variety of wounds, including those from infections, surgery, trauma and vascular insufficiency.  



Figure 1: Chemical Burn

(a) Third degree burns caused by a boiling oil spill on the left hand that caught fire.

(b) Healing following one week treatment with the Numobag®.

(c) and (d) are two views showing complete healing following 3 weeks of Numobag® (12 treatments). Although there is loss of pigment due to the depth of the burn, there is no clinical scarring, no loss of sensation, and no loss of function. 


Figure 2: Electrical Burn

(a-c) Sixteen third degree burns induced by electric current. Note presence of recurrent necrotic tissue following sharp debridement under anesthesia.

(d-f) healing with minimal scarring following 4 weeks of the Numobag®.


Figure 3: Necrotizing Fasciitis

(a) Necrotizing fasciitis with gangrenous eschar

(b) base of ulcer showing exposed tendons and bone following debridement; good granulation tissue following 2.5 weeks the Numobag®,

(c) abundant granulation tissue following 6 weeks of the Numobag.


Figure 4: Traumatic Crush Injury

(a) Traumatic crush injury (Stage IV) wound, following impaling of thigh on a stake during a motocross accident; note exposed ripped nerves (single arrow) (b) healing of wound after 4 weeks (12 treatments) of the Numobag® with minimal scarring and no loss of sensation or motor function.


Figure 5: Chronic Diabetic Ulcer 1

(a) Recalcitant progressive chronic Stage III Ulcer with poor blood supply.

(b) THOT® induces angiogensis with abundant granulation tissue to complete healing.


Figure 6: Chronic Diabetic Ulcer 2

(a) Diabetic ulcer post-disarticulation for osteomyelitis

(b) granulation tissue at base of ulcer following 10 days with treatments of Numobag®

(c) healed ulcer with no scarring


Figure 7: Philippines Soldier’s Amputation Avoided

The Numobag® provided a rapid healing, low cost treatment and avoided amputation. The Soldier’s wound closed after 12 weeks of treatment.


Clinical Case Studies

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