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The Numobag® has various uses for health care providers:

• Pressure ulcers

• Diabetic foot ulcers

• Chemical, electrical and heat burns

• Plastic surgery recovery

• Infectious skin lesions

• Large numbers of infected people

• Post-surgical infections

• Amputations

• Infected stumps

• Gangrenous lesions

• Skin grafts

• Frostbite

• Sores

• Skin ulcerations due to diabetes and venous stasis


Applications of usage include:

• Instant, disposable isolation unit

• Healing large skin lesions

• Treating diabetic ulcers - 17 million Americans have diabetes and are at risk for diabetic ulcers.

• Chronic wound care - Over 7 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds; 50 million worldwide suffer from wound-related illnesses. These numbers are expected to increase as the population ages.


THOT® heals more often, faster and with less scarring than traditional treatment of skin wounds.



Advantages Over Traditional Treatment

• Small and portable (weights 1.7 pounds)

• Reduced staff workload

• Decreased cost of overall treatment

• No cross-contamination

• Patient safety and convenience

• Reduced scar tissue

• Increases rate of healing

• Improved patient morale due to faster healing

• Heals advanced-stage pressure ulcers in record time

• Stimulates new blood vessel growth

• Easily administered in home setting

• Lower cost per treatment than any other wound treatment method

• Validated to heal large skin lesions rapidly – 25 clinical studies in past 15 years support effectiveness

• Quick usage in emergency for any type of wounds

• Able to be stockpiled for years without maintenance or constant surveillance


Cost Savings

During an effectiveness study, Numobag™ was found to be not only more effective than traditional treatments, but also noteably more cost effective.



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