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"For the first time in the Kingdom:  Saudi Society of Plastic Surgery launches the latest technology in the world to treat wounds and burns"

Middle East Plastic Surgery Society of Saudi Arabia


Daily care - d. Sami al-Zahrani – Jeddah


On Saturday night at the hotel Antraontantal for the first time in the Kingdom of the launch of the latest technology in the world to treat all types of wounds and burns, diabetic foot, under the auspices which was represented by the President of the General Prepared by: Dr. Musharraf and Dr. Saleh Dagal head of surgery (SSAPS) Saudi Society for Plastic Surgery University Hospital in Jeddah.   In addition surgical consultants Dr. Adel, Dr. Ahmed Ansarp and with the presence of a large number of consultants and specialists in the field of general surgery and plastic surgery and vascular surgery.

The workshop of the technology the U.S. team was led by Numotech, Inc. USA, in collaboration with Dr. Sami Al-Zahrani (member of Edit attention) of the Saudi Society Plastic Surgery and the company sponsoring the workshop led by Meshal Wise. The U.S. team that has developed and research (Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), speaking as the U.S. team of this new technology with twenty years of clinical research.  It has made a difference with this U.S. hands-on training for the technology which allows accelerating the healing of burns, diabetic foot ulcers and surgical wound without loss of limb and infection.

We praise the efforts of the U.S. team Prepared by: Dr. Musharraf, President of the Saudi Society for Plastic Surgery in the organization of this event and the fact that they lead in bringing this technology for the first time in the Kingdom and its commitment to education of Saudi doctors, a new innovation in the science of medicine, that helps to provide the best health services for patients in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

This footage of the workshop presented by: D. Abdallah Balubaid


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