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Numobag® Kit


The Numobag® Kit generates Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (THOT®) a treatment process that has been developed by scientists with over more than 25 years clinical research.  Rather than traditional hyperbaric oxygen therapy, that depends on increasing systemic blood levels of oxygen, (THOT®) uses pure oxygen topically with the Numobag® a patented medical device to promote healing of skin lesions.  The Numobag® is a thin, transparent, disposable membrane bag that covers the legs and approximately 75% of the human torso.  The membrane is composed of a polyethylene material that is considered “extremely clean,” although not sterile.   Typically, the Numobag® is secured below the sternum with tape so that the head and neck is outside of the bag. The Numobag® is filled with medical grade oxygen at the correct atmospheric pressure. Numotech, Inc. has conducted research with Sandia National laboratories to enhance this product and to ensure its safety. The medical device has been approved by the US FDA.


















Numobag® Kit:


Conditions that are treated with (THOT®) include the following:


  • Burns

  • Chemical burns.

  • Diabetic ulcers.

  • Decubitus ulcers.

  • Venous stasis ulcers.

  • Pressure ulcers.

  • Necrotizing ulcers.

  • Skin grafts.

  • Post-surgical infections.

  • Gangrenous lesions.

  • Post-amputation infected stumps.

  • Frostbite. 

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